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About ICAB

The main goal of the InnovatieCentra Academisch B├Ętaonderwijs in the Netherlands (ICAB) is to improve the quality of university beta and engineering education.

The ICAB community is driven by research professors from ten universities in the Netherlands. Teachers work on projects that include themes like renewal of curriculum, study success and professionalization of teachers and professors. This cooperation ensures the exchange of knowledge, experience and research into the professional field and best practices.

Every year the ICAB conference is organized by one of the participating universities. The conference is a place where research professors, directors of education, academic counsellors and education policy advisors from all beta faculties within Dutch universities can meet.

The beta fields that are part of the ICAB are mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology. These five fields are also part of the ICAB logo, presented in green, purple, red, orange and yellow respectively.

Have a look at the program of the successful ICAB 2017 conference.

Have a look at the workshops held at ICAB 2017.

Click here for a photographic impression of ICAB2017.